we have found our next chosen one

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i like girls who look like they kill people for a living


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me: oh gosh that character is attractive
person: but he's the villain
me: i'm sorry were you trying to make a point there because i don't see one
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You know there are programs that can change your daughters confused predilections.

My heart fucking broke during this scene. 

This was my favourite scene. He’s a military man who comes off as a typical “manly man” and he stands up for his daughter being lesbian. This scene was heartbreaking but fucking beautiful.

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kamidoodles answered to your post “I am so annoyed right now.  Does the Saints Row website ever actually…”

i have to open it in an incognito window every time to even login

I didn’t think to try that, but unfortunately it isn’t working for me now that i have.  It let me register earlier, after refusing to acknowledge the one i’m sure i registered like 3 months ago.  But then i logged out and it’s swearing up and down that my password is wrong, but it won’t send me the emails to change it.

Not that I think you can help, just.  *sigh* need to get that off my chest.  I’m a little suprised to find a group worse about this than square-enix. its almost impressive.

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Friend: Hey why do you like that character so much?
Me: Are you sure you're ready for this kind of conversation
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I am so annoyed right now.  Does the Saints Row website ever actually work?

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