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nerdacious replied to your post:Bioware…
Oh god, what happened? I haven’t seen anything but the video and fanart today.

well here’s the source, but in short one of the devs ran at the mouth about how the characters are each going to have “one solid orientation” and how that is more “realistic” and just a lot of implications that bi-sexual and others don’t actually exist/aren’t realistic, etc.  It’s basically more of the hogwash from the DA2 “playersexual” bullshit.

I really just don’t see where DA2’s model was all that big a deal?  If you wanted to play your game and say that all the characters are straight/gay/asexual/bi/whatever  (er, ETA:  Actually I think I mis-spoke about asexuality since all the romances require sex to end, and I apologize for that.) depending upon how your game went…you could.  You straight up could.  You can make an argument for anything you want to, because the game was coded to allow you to do it any way you see fit. The only ones who made any comments concerning past relationships were Isabela and Anders, and the latter is completely conditional on your romancing him with a male Hawke. 

Whereas this whole “characters are specifically X” thing is just incredibly limiting in a game that supposedly sells on the fact that the story is a highly advanced CYOA model?  I gotta tell you, I would LOVE to play through a Miranda or Tali or Ashley or Jack romance in Mass Effect, but that ain’t ever gonna happen cause I have to play a male shepard for that and it just isn’t going to happen.  And that’s frustrating.  I play console, I will probably always play console because PC gaming is even more cost prohibitive than consoles are, therefore there’s no such thing as a mod here to make my CYOA game actually do what it claims to do.

And seriously, do not even come into this conversation talking about how “romance isn’t the POINT” like you’re above this whole thing.  If it isn’t A point then why the fuck spend so much time coding complicated various options for different genders instead of taking the easier and less time consuming route of making them open to either as you ADMITTED it was easier to do when you made DA2?  Just seems like a lot of time spent putting restrictions on the end user under the warcry of “REALISM” in world about magic and goddamn dragons.

Annnnnd imma apologize for reblogging anything from that mass effect softer world parody.  Took a detour through their archives and it got homophobic reeaaal quick. 


How The Face Changes With Shifting A Light Source

this is one of the coolest things on tumblr



Did someone officially conirm that’s Leliana because that really, really doesn’t look anything like Leli.  A Chantry Sister, sure, I can see the…sort-of-looks-like-the-old-uniform to what she’s wearing, but still not leli.  Her face is totally wrong.

From Bioware’s site:

Its definitely her, despite their bad spelling.

Thanks. I was mobile blogging earlier, didn’t have real access to go digging through the site. 

I still say that looks nothing like Leli but I just have to sigh at Bioware this time. /shakes head

To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


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Piano song from the Citadel DLC that plays after the party when everybody returns to the Normandy.




I’m excited for the new season of  The Boondocks. >w>

why does Riley look like an ugly black girl? 

Sorry about that~ here I fixed it: