oh my bad, i assumed they were only in the bed, didnt know they traveled by floor. best of luck tho that sounds like a stressful situation :/

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mynasaurus replied to your post “So if anyone remembers that shit from a week or so back with the…”

sleeping bag on the floor? pillow and blanket nest on the floor ? maybe?

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So if anyone remembers that shit from a week or so back with the “fleas”…

yeah it was fleas AND bedbugs.  I hit the goddamn jackpot, fml.

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He’s an adorable drunk meatball.

lmao i love this.

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A throwback cosplay of Sarah from Labyrinth by Ardella

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Earrings by Arajera

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Sailor Mars proves to be smarter than the entire Madoka Magica cast.

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