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Welcome to the mouse hole, ladies, gents and other persons. I'd call it a shrine to Lisa Frank, but Lisa Frank actually had taste.

On this blog you will find a variety of shit, such as but never limited to: fandom, cursing, video games, movies, critical analysis of all the above, and the occasional doodle.

Warning: Resident blogger is a rare breed of filthy Texan democratic-socialist, very queer, very here, and not going to shut up about any of it. Opinions will be had, arguments will be basted in hot sauce, and gifs will be posted.

This one’s been eating at me a good week or so now, so I’m just going to say it:

It is not misogynistic of me to dislike certain female characters because they are cruel to children. 

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**~ Unlimited RL Commissions ~**


Because one of my sister-in-laws is moving out, and the other got bumped down to 29 hours a week (her job doesn’t want to provide health insurance) I’m offering unlimited RL commissions to help pay for bills until I can find a job.

These are going to be quick, unless you get the painting. No shading, or full bodies, due to the fact it eats up so much time. 

Obviously the exception to this is the chibis: They come shaded and colored with simple cell shading.

Please send me a note if you are interested!

Sketches (no full bodies) are $10 + $5 for color. (no shading +$5 for an extra character)

Lined works (no full bodies) are $15 (comes with flat coloring, +$7 for additional characters)

Any and all chibis are $6. (+$4 for an extra character, shading included)

Paintings (busts only) are $30 (only single characters)

I will do anything and everything but animals, mechas, and backgrounds. I’ll do furries, anthros, NSFW,.

Please check out my ART TAG examples.

So I have a totally weird request…



Does anyone know of any ‘face databases’? Okay wait, hear me out, I’m not a serial killer…

I’ve got ideas for characters appearance in my mind but it would be really helpful to have an actual person to look at in my head for my main character (other than ‘Zoe Sandala but rougher’ because that’s helping no one…). I’ve tried Shutterstock but just get a mass of faces and I’d like to be able to refine it if possible? Maybe by sex, ethnicity, age etc.. 

I know this is a bit of an odd one and I’ve Googled and can’t find anything but maybe someone out there knows of something I can use?

Not a weird request at all! Maybe these will be helpful:



Commander Shepard at PAX East

killin the game