Hey guys! I’d like to introduce you to my baby girl cat. She doesn’t have a name yet. She is ridiculously precious.

Unfortunately, I am pretty broke, and even though they have low-cost vaccinations in my area, I can’t really afford to bring her in right now.

SO. I’m mentioning again that I’m doing commissions!
I’m doing full-value, grayscale sketch card commissions for $10 that are mailed to your door, anywhere in the world!
I’m also doing negotiably priced digital commissions.

If you’re interested, send me an ask! My tumblr has a history of eating messages, so if you wanted to send me an e-mail at golisago@gmail.com, that would be very cool, too.

Even if you don’t necessarily want to buy art right now, I’d appreciate it if you spread the word! Or at least admire how cute this baby girl is.