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On this blog you will find a variety of shit, such as but never limited to: fandom, cursing, video games, movies, critical analysis of all the above, and the occasional doodle.

Warning: Resident blogger is a rare breed of filthy Texan democratic-socialist, very queer, very here, and not going to shut up about any of it. Opinions will be had, arguments will be basted in hot sauce, and gifs will be posted.
World Building Wednesday..

Why not? Put a number in my ask box and I’ll do my best to answer it. 


    1: What are some of the tropes you would use to describe your characters?
    2: What are some personal problems that your characters are dealing with?
    3: What are your characters’ morning routines?
    4: What are your characters’ favorite things to eat for breakfast?
    5: What are your characters’ favorite foods?
    6: Do any of your characters have any odd/unusual/obscure interests?
    7: What is an experience your characters most embarrassed about?
    8: What is an experience your characters most proud about?
    9: If your characters were to transition from their world to our world, how would they react?
    10: What are some songs you associate with your characters?
    11: Who is the first character you remember creating? If you still have this character, how much have they changed?
    12: Who’s the latest character you’ve created?
    13: Do your characters live in the past, present, or future? If past or future, how far back/forward?
    14: Are any of your characters religious? If so, to what extent? If not, what are their spiritual beliefs?
    15: What do you like most about your characters?
    16: What do you dislike most about your characters?
    17: How would you get along with some of your characters?
    18: What are some of your characters’ talents?
    19: If one of your characters had to choose between their life or a loved one’s life, which would they choose?
    20: What are some of your character’s fears? Are they irrational, or have they resulted from a particular situation?
    21: What are some gross habits your characters have?
    22: What are some habits your characters would be embarassed about if people found out?
    23: If your characters attend a school - or if they were to attend a school - what kind of students are they? (i.e. class clown, straight A student…)
    24: (Directed to any characters who feel like answering) How are you doing today?
    25: Are any of your characters inspired by other people, such as celebrities or people you know personally? If you don’t mind explaining, what attributes do your characters have from these people?
    26: What are some of your characters’ body types?
    27: What do your characters seek in a romantic relationship?
    28: What are the fashion senses of some of your characters?
    29: If any of your characters don’t like food in general, why?
    30: Tell us a random fact about your character!


    31: What are some of the laws of the universe your characters live in?
    32: Does the universe your characters live in have a god?
    33: If the place your characters live in is different from ours, what makes it different?
    34: Do ghosts or supernatural entities exist in your characters’ world?
    35: What kind of species live on the planet/in the environment your characters live in?
    36: What is the climate like?
    37: Is there an afterlife in your story’s universe?
    38: If there are supernatural entities in your universe, where did they come from?
    39: If the world your characters live in are significantly different from ours, would you be able to live there? (If it’s a place where humans are not supposed to live, imagine you’ve been given the ability to live there somehow.)
    40: How safe or unsafe is the place your characters live in, and what makes it this way?
    41: Does your world have multiple dimensions? If so, how many, and what happens in these dimensions?
    42: How technologically advanced is the place your characters primarily live in?
    43: Is the place your characters live in someplace people would want to go sightseeing in, or a tourist attraction?
    44: Are there any other places in your characters’ world that they want to travel to?
    45: If there is a pop culture, what’s considered “cool”? If there’s no pop culture, what are some traditions that your characters follow that have been inherited from ancestors or the culture they were raised in?

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