Rose & Thorn #3, April 2004, cover by Adam Hughes

Incredibly proud of this book, a really dark story that takes place in large part in the lead character’s mind. The first time I met Greg Rucka, he came up and raved to me about it, and let me tell you, I walked on air for the entire weekend.

It’s never been collected…but the wonderful Mark Waid had the entire series bound in green leather for me for my birthday one year. Best present ever (except for the other presents he’s sent…Mark is AMAZING at presents!)

Wow.  I had no idea Gail Simone wrote this series.  I read it when I was a teenager, back before I started paying attention to those things.  I still have the whole series, though, saved in protectors and occasionally displayed for the fact that the cover art is glorious.  Still one of the best written mini-series I’ve ever read.