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Soooo… I’m never good at these sorts of write-ups.  XD Basically, DOING COMMISSIONS. YEAH.


Technically I kind of…usually am, whenever peeps approach me, but figured it was about time I take a look at my pricing and really put it out there.  ANYWAY, breakdown:

Sketches : 10-15$ USD

Flats: 25-25$ USD

The Works:  30-60$ USD

^Above based on up to two characters.

Additional character(s):  +10$ USD per each.

As the examples probably show, I am very, very open to doing fanart—love it, in fact.  I will also do original characters.  In all cases I only ask that you give me reference materials.

Basically, you tell me what you want, I will quote you within this price range. Unless you want something in “the works” category that is just over the damn top—like a movie poster or some such, cause that would be over 60.  Just sayin’.  If you agree I will do the work, and you will get the printable copy after I receive payment.  Easy peasy, right?

I only accept paypal, and will give you the addy for it after I have sent you the completed, watermarked work.

To contact me about this you can send an ask/fanmail, but due to Tumblr glitches emailing me at Raemarron at gmail is preferred.  Signal boosting if you’re so inclined would be much appreciated. <3

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