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but seriously I wish more people shipped Anora/Alistair because then I could easily share my headcanon of Alistair coming home from his dumb comic adventures going “HONEY I HAVE DRAGON’S BLOOD RUNNING THROUGH MY VEINS” and Anora looks up from her piles and piles of Very Important Paperwork to go “that’s nice dear now go off and play with your dolls”

I also headcanon that the two of them send passive aggressive love letters to each other during his travels

like Anora sends him a package of clean underwear with a note pinned on saying “Ferelden is doing fine without you please by all means take your time I work far better alone. Love, Your Wife Her Majesty the Queen” and then Alistair sends her letters like “I’m doing my job I’m fathering all these bastard children so you don’t have to worry about ruining your lovely figure miss you too. Love, Your Husband His Majesty the King” but in truth they actually miss each other and they’re too stubborn to admit it so they just act like five year old children and Orlesian spies somehow get these letters and go “c’est quoi ce bordel???”

why does no one else ship this I’m so lonely

OK i don’t even like Alistair as kind, I utterly loathe the comics, and yet…

Fuck you, I ship it now.  :/



I am so bad at ages it’s hilarious and horrible.  Last night, when Cosima dropped her “thirty-somethig years ago” line, I just kind of balked.  I mean, theoretically I should know the clone club are in their thirties given their social positions and freaking Cosima is getting her doctorate, but geeze.  IDEK.  I don’t look at them and see 30.  They look early-twenties to me. Which is the one thing about Delphine/Cosima that kept freaking me out, btw, as Delphine looks (to me) to be at least fifteen years Cosima’s elder. 

Maybe it’s just the way they’re dressed, cause Rachel definitely has the 30-something look. 

Yes, you are terrible at ages considering you think you’re 30. XD


I’M GETTING CLOSE OK.  CLOSE. thoughgrantedi’llprollythinki’m40whenthathappens.

Words cannot describe how much I love Kateling and my’s Rei and Jamie.  Totes RP canon.  Cause of reasons.

Not sure why I used the kanji version of かわいい (“kawaii”) here, except that it seemed to make sense on what is meant to be a terrible as hell shirt-dress. 

EDIT: a;lsdkjfsldj forgot the text!

Whoah.  @.@ So I finally tried ME3 multiplayer and oh my goddess is this addictive.