Fallout New Vegas

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Am I the only one who was totally tickled by the demo reel of Kunzite’s new English VA? The guy is pure metal!

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i think we all have that one piece of media we like that’s basically “i love this thing, but i dont think everyone should watch this thing and would not categorically recommend it to other people i know, this thing has a lot of problems and i am the first person you should ask…

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I told luna-whiskers I would put Tuxie in my old Barbie car and this happened.

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Men’s Rights Activists

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My Favourite Lip Art Products…

Lip Art is taking over my make-up world this year with my Lip Art workshop tours & my new Karla Cosmetics Lip Art brushes launching soon! My followers get to see me create many new creative lip art looks using my favourite lip art products I just cannot live without!

Today’s blog features some of my favourite lip art products I can’t live without in my Lip Make-up Kit:

Coming soon… Karla Cosmetics Lip Art Workshops in Dublin, Glasgow and New York!



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This explains so much about Republican thinking.


A real life actual human being actually said “Have you tried not being poor” without a hint of sarcasm, satire, or irony.

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

he’s like a real life disney villain.



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NEW IDEA: If you notice someone staring at you in a creepy way always stare back. Stare unblinkingly. Follow them home, staring. Never sleep, always stare at them just within their line of sight. When they are dead stare at their grave. Never stop staring.

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Parenting win! I love seeing parents cosplay with their little ones ^_^ <33

Broly Movie

Photo by

Mama Bulma: Sarah Quillian Scott

Baby Trunks: Garrett

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Alas, at the last minute Ragnapäper beat Ragnarök

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i hate you

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