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wish people would stop crying about how they can’t share their mild dislike of anora because they’ll be ~~falsely accused of sexism~~

if your dislike isn’t gendered you shouldn’t have a problem

and if the only way you can assure yourself of that is to dismiss the sexist bullshit lobbed at this character on the regular like it never happens, chalking it all up to hysterical fangirls and tumblr SJ warriors, you’re pretty much digging your own grave there friend

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prepare yourselves for total fucking cuteness

this is so cute you will not be disappointed oh my god i’m crying

*lies down on the floor* oh my god? This is my new favorite music video.

wow wow wow wow wow.

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Jack concept art for Mass Effect 2

Anybody around here play WoW?

So I ~may~ have to try reading the hobbit now.  Then again, that might kill my love of the movie.  Maybe it’s best to not.

But damn. DAMN. That was a good movie.






my jaw is literally on the floor. If I had a fraction of this talent when I was…8? 

I’m probably going to reblog this like twenty times. 


yup, hate myself.

Butter tub drums. Genius.

Okay, first of all - this is gorgeous. Second of all, these girls are cute and talented as heck.

Third of all, I just want to say how much I appreciate what the internet has done for talent like this. Without the internet, all we have is the media which is controlled, designed by committees and focus groups, and we are told what we are supposed to like. Here we are exposed to something simple and beautiful because it isn’t over-produced and over-processed, it is the basic roots of music available for everyone to hear and appreciate.

These talented girls are given a voice because they didn’t have to seek out some record producer who would have turned them away anyway for not warbling like Miley Cyrus and having a hit teen sitcom first. Somewhere along the line, we as a human race - or at least the parts that are supposedly oh-so-“civilized” - have forgotten that basic joy of a simple beat, a natural voice, and sharing with each other seemingly small but wonderful accomplishments. Independent music is the closest thing we have to that.

So thank you, internet. And thank you, Lennon and Maisy. You guys are rad.

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