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This is what I’d like to see in Dragon Age 3


Templars: We have to crush this mage rebellion to keep them from killing everybody, help us out?
Elves: Yo, we are busy trying to survive when EVERYONE’S trying to wipe us out, no thanks.
Elves: And if you’re supposed to protect us then how come you never show up when humans come in to rape and rob and slaughter us?
Templars: Um OH LOOK AN ABOMINATION catch you later
Mages: The Circles are unfair, they want to lock us all up like criminals - help us overthrow the Templars?
Elves: Yeah we’ve been genocided almost out of existence and we’re still being enslaved and murdered right and left, how bout you help US out?
Mages: Sorry Mage’s Rights first, we’ll hit you later.
Elves: Screw all you guys REVOLUTION TIME
Chantry: well, shit.
Thedas: *explodes into chaos*
Flemeth: *cackles mysteriously*





airandangels wanted me to draw Sokka in a Starfleet uniform

Complete with tricorder purse!




(Source: broodinghunx)




World Avatars/Ancient Avatars. Africa, Middle East, East Asia, and South America.






Mumford and Sons—Not in Nottingham (cover from the disney movie Robin Hood)

OH MY GOD????????????????

is this real life have i arrived at the nexus of humanity my two most favorite things????

in one????

i need this in my life


My gif folder is out of reach ATM, but holy shit whoah this deserves all the gifs.

Bored and Lonely


and I don’t have my computer, so I can’t get on Skype.

And no one is online to talk to.


I really just wanna rp.

rp? /perks/  If you’re interested in DA2 rp there is one that has most of the canon cast still available, plus others.  Just getting started, too