i don’t think you all understand how much i love citadel


i would play a game of nothing but this shit

interactive sci-fi sitcom? hell fucking yes

this was the happiest gaming experience of my life

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Thanks to gmaemoose, there is now a virtual Galaxy News Radio player!

Get it while it’s hot, everyone!


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I have to admit, I am side-eyeing the hell out of every single person calling Lara Croft, from the new Tomb Raider, a “murderous psychopath” in the end because the game forces you to kill people to get through it.  I haven’t seen a single one of you dudbros calling YOUR game hero favs murderous anythings when they do the same, after all, but the second a female protag is put in a position of becoming a killer you attack her for it?  Fuck y’all.

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ugh god.  Shianni…I just. Ugh.  Why did I do this to myself.

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Karl Lagerfeld Shoe Cupcakes Tutorial

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I’m not sure if i should feel proud, impressed, or just baffled that my kitten can use my breasts as a bed while I’m sitting up.

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