At one point…a rather shameful while ago shutterbones and i were intending to do an art trade.  I think both of us got busy right after agreeing to it, annnnd I just realized this has been sitting at 99% completion on my HD so I figured it was time to finish it.  Whether or not it’s still a trade doesn’t matter, b/c Isthalla Surana is a goddess.  I’ve never actually played a blood mage, despite my stanning on the subject, and reading about Isthalla’s adventures in Thedas is always a joy.  Shutterbones’s art is also freaking fantastic; everyone should check her out.

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Some amazing new images of our dashing Paragon of Maniless have surfaced on the Dragon Age website! He better be romanceable damn it, why else would they make him look so yummy?


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I haven’t posted progress in a million years. The chain suit is finished. All I have left is finishing the leather and casting the elf ears.

You did Merrill’s full-body chain?! It looks amazing, how did you do it? It must have taken SO much time and work! Err, I should ask, is it ok to reblog this? I just wanted my followers to see it.

Thanks:D Rebloging is fine. Your followers can also see my bathroom:D

It’s taken about 2 years. There are 20,000 aluminum rings (I think it was 16 gauge but I don’t remember.) The instructions for making the sleeves and making it fitted come from here I also used the pants pattern from the Armor Archive.

I am reblogging this version too so my followers can see it and spread it like wild fire, this took two years of sticking to it and pure dedication

I have literally never seen something more badass, I’m like in cosplay tears over it and I remember you starting this forever ago and I remember liking it back then too. It is amazing to see and I hope I get to see pictures of the final product.

Seriously well done. Oh my frick.


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Little sister

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This is the best fake trailer for anything I’ve ever seen. It got me more excited for it than most of the other, real Dragon Age: Inquisition trailers. It even has the best Varric quote in it of all time.

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Alistair: *talks shit about mages for five minutes* Wait, you’re not a mage, are you? 

Mage Warden: I am indeed a mage. 

Alistair: Oh, really? You don’t LOOK like a mage. I mean, um, how interesting. 

Mage Warden: Go fuck yourself. 

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I slapped some colour on that sketch of gin I did the other day. 

For le morning crew

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I slapped some colour on that sketch of gin I did the other day. 

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cries because Merrill cares so deeply for others, even those who constantly call her stupid, an abomination

she asks Fenris how he’s holding up after he finally meets his sister. She asks Anders if he’s okay after he truly begins losing control.

She giggles over how happy they are with Hawke.

She’s the only one who explicitly advocates sparing Anders after he throws the city into chaos.

After all they say to her, all the names and scowls, she just wants them to be okay.

But when she’s angry with them she tells them.


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