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Playing around with Gin’s hair.  Decided I was done being restricted by my in-game options.  This definitely suits her a lot better and I give no fucks about whether or not it fits with canon aesthetics.

I figured since her head is exposed why not add to the traditional tattoos?  I figure these were always a part of this particular tattoo set, but its typically left to be covered by hair after the tattoo has healed. 



Slight addendum to my whole thing about the gaming mechanics:

I have no issue where their being “assigned” gay/lesbian/asexual characters.  None at all.  But the world really doesn’t need even more strictly straight characters (before you get mad, I want you to really consider just how many of those there are in everything OK?) and I can’t help but KNOW that all of this is going to fall out with there being far more straightly straight characters than anything else (and even if they aren’t, they will get more content and be far more intrinsic to the plot), if we get bi or gay characters they’ll be so offensively stereotyped it’ll be eye-rolly and asexual characters aren’t going to exist.

So while the “playersexual” bullshit was gross, I still think that particular mechanical model was far better suited to this game format than what they’re going to do.

Seriously.  If you look at Origins:

Straight characters: Alistair and Morrigan, two characters who are intrinsic to the plot and have very serious roles to play and who are not very experienced with relationships.

Bi characters: Zevran, who contributes pretty much nothing and admits he only slept with men because it helped him get ahead as an assassin, and Leliana, who might be important now, but certainly was not all that important in Origins, partially because you could go the entire game thinking that she’s crazy.  Oh, and both of them are whimsical rogues who openly flirt with you and have had many sexual experiences in the past, which they freely tell you all about.  

And that’s not even getting into how Mass Effect dealt with non-straight romance.  Samantha Traynor, you mean that lady you can have gratuitous shower sex with?

Oh dear lord, even opening the Mass Effect bucket makes me twitch.  While I really love Sam and Steve, I have to admit that I was rolling my eyes at their “LOOK WE’RE QUEER” conversational openers.  Like…actually Steve was not half so bad as Sam’s was, but it was still really, really cheap. 

But I think what bothers me more is the whole freaking Jack episode where she openly admits to being Bi, then is a straight-only romance to the point of making offensive comments about even having a friendship with a female shep.  I STILL have no idea what that was about and it’s part of the reason I avoid most of her non-required conversations in ME2.


and the first to be knocked of the to-do list is finally up- aaah~

This is a Birthday commission from Scarsofhonor and Mahuika as a Birthday present for mrsfruitoast! 

Her pretty Warden, Olivia, and Leliana being all cute and snuggly >u<







according to me Malcolm Hawke looks like




aladdins foxy as hell dad

i fully support this



those 900+ notes make me really really happy that I’m not the only one who imagined this while playing DA2


I’m still debating which of these to send in as my final, but since I recorded both I figured I’d put them up here..and if anybody is willing to give an opinion on the matter, I’d love to hear it.  Because I’m a dumbass, they are backward with Script 2 proceeding Script 1.  You’ll hear a few seconds of silence between the two. 


Daily Draw February 12th:-

This was inspired by the early concepts of Fenris by Matt Rhodes, and the idea that Zevran is now in Antiva as the head of the Crows. I know its a bit drastic of a change, but sometimes I felt that Zevran’s voice and personality were disjointed from his character model. Those are his special Antivan boots that the Warden gave him. 

I like to believe Zevvy has improved the treatment of the crows, and now uses them for spy work as well as assassination. He plants crows in courts, taverns and whore houses all over Thedas and essentially has eyes and ears everywhere. Any information about rebellion, blights, the mage templar war, the events of Act 3 & reappearances of certain snarky mages in royal court he sends word straight to the Warden.

IDK in my head Antiva is a cross between Qarth from ASOIAF and Persia, I wanted his look to reflect that.



when people use the word “betrayed” with anora though…
whether they’re talking about with ser cauthrien or at the landsmeet it just makes no sense either way. With ser cauthrien she only does it if you royally fuck up the plan by completely giving away her disguise, which is really your own fault. And at the landsmeet it’s if you don’t bother to talk to her beforehand and figure out, if you even have an alliance to begin with. It’s understandable to be annoyed if the landsmeet doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to, but “betrayed” implies that she owes the warden shit and she really just does not. Like at all.





seriously tho sebastian wants anders dead for the exact same reason why alistair wants loghain dead and yet sebastian gets all this hate and alistair doesn’t

alistair throws a hissy fit and declares that he’ll be king JUST so he could have loghain killed or are people missing the fact that he doesn’t respect the warden’s decision at all

sebastian leaves making grandiose threats but we have no idea if he’s even able to follow through with them in the first place

UM, and he also does the whole storming off business if you haven’t made him king, btw.

This is, to be totally honest, exactly why I hated Alistair to a point I’m only just now starting to warm up to him.  Sebastian leaves and makes threats, sure, but quite frankly he didn’t leave a huge global catastrophe that he agreed with stopping right up until that moment.

Which is EXACTLY what Alistair does, if you haven’t made him King.  He throws his little hissy fit (and I’ll admit he has every right to feel the way he does, it’s the fact that he won’t listen to a completely reasonable defense of it—like, y’know, MORE BODIES TO STOP THE BLIGHT—which bothers me) and not only abandons the Warden, but abandons the whole war, blight or no blight.  He knows perfectly well that the wardens need to be there (not why exactly, but he’s the senior warden and spent the entire damn game helping you drill it into people’s heads that this is necessary) and he still walks out of the entire fucking war.  You can headcanon your way around that if you want to, but that’s the canonical explanation.  He goes and gets drunk, and stays that way.

Like, if he wants to hate your ass the rest of the game, fine, but there was no logical reason except his being a complete brat for him to ragequit on something he knows is a global problem and their last chance to stop it.

(Source: babushcats)


Some time ago I decided to stop redesigning other peoples stuff (like my reboot cast for example). It’s so much fun, but so is shooting fish in a barrel (for people I probably don’t want in my life).
It’s easy to design a character after you’ve seen their whole story arc play out, witnessed the nuances of writing, acting, animation, even their contribution to the overall atmosphere of the final product. For us, character design is done in the dark. We have descriptions, plans, and vague gestures, all of which will change, many of which will change BECAUSE of what we design.
So, to me it doesn’t feel like a “sporting chance” to redesign someone else’s finished character. They couldn’t see what you see now. They didn’t know that twist was planned, or that they’d get an extra season, or that marketing would favor an unexpected character.

But just for fun I’ll take a swing at our own stuff.

Given a chance to take another pasd at Fenris, I would suggest something like this. Chunkier, bald, more of a warrior, with more Tevinter motifs (which we hadn’t yet established during DA2).