Every conversation with Carver.

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We are the Last of the Elvhenan by thepopcornmaster

Máirín Mahariel is finally returning back to her clan after spending months away from them. She’s learned much while away, and returning home she’s finally ready to receive her Vallaslin.

The Other Side by coppermarigolds

A young city elf ventures outside the alienage in search of a birthday gift for her mother, and finds more than she bargained for.

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literally me

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» Rogue Hearts

Specs: Slight AR, gen fic, promage
Game: DA2Characters: Fenris, Merrill, Orana
Warnings: major character death (Anders)

Notes:  This is my Fic for the Reverse Dragon Age Mini Bang 2014.  It’s based off a fantastic art piece by @Panimauser, which doesn’t seem to have been posted as of yet.  I’ll reblog when it has.  This fic is also based on something I’ve been wanting to play with for a while now and will hopefully get to explore more later.  It takes place at the tail end of Act3, in the final weeks before The Last Straw—with a little rewriting of the end of DA2.

Summary:  When Fenris learns that Merrill has been teaching the Alienage population Dalish ways, he fears the worst: blood magic and abominations.  What he finds instead changes him in ways he never would have expected.


The first time Fenris noticed Orana out walking at dusk he left her be.  She was a free woman now, for all she might not fully grasp the significance quite yet, and had a right to be where she pleased…even if his subconscious filled the hightown streets with nightly dangers a person such as she would be hard pressed to protect herself from.

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i’ve had this url for a while now and i realized ive never honoured it ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

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another thing that really bugs me about race-gating and gender-gating romances in video games, in addition to limiting diversity and representation with the false notion of “realism” (hint: it’s neither realistic nor relevant to a fucking fantasy video game to offer only certain sexualities and racial preferences).

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the sum of us

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Aveline by olivegbg

This is gorgeous.

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beyondjustus asked » most heartbreaking moment?

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So in my verse at least, Tamlen is Ashalle’s son by birth and Gin’s adopted brother.  Tamlen is only three years Gin’s elder, though there’s a time, when Gin’s about eight or so, that they look a good deal further apart.  They were best friends and nigh inseparable, though they still fought considerably from time to time.  Especially given Gin’s eternal obsession with weapons she wasn’t ready to handle yet, and Tamlen’s slight jealousy that she was often faster at picking up techniques than he was.  She’d later tease him that if it wasn’t for her brattiness he’d never have learned to balance so well—but seriously, if he didn’t hold her off she’d climb him like a tree to get what she wanted.

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