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This is what I’d like to see in Dragon Age 3


Templars: We have to crush this mage rebellion to keep them from killing everybody, help us out?
Elves: Yo, we are busy trying to survive when EVERYONE’S trying to wipe us out, no thanks.
Elves: And if you’re supposed to protect us then how come you never show up when humans come in to rape and rob and slaughter us?
Templars: Um OH LOOK AN ABOMINATION catch you later
Mages: The Circles are unfair, they want to lock us all up like criminals - help us overthrow the Templars?
Elves: Yeah we’ve been genocided almost out of existence and we’re still being enslaved and murdered right and left, how bout you help US out?
Mages: Sorry Mage’s Rights first, we’ll hit you later.
Elves: Screw all you guys REVOLUTION TIME
Chantry: well, shit.
Thedas: *explodes into chaos*
Flemeth: *cackles mysteriously*

OH, and because I keep having feels about this…

Elves:  Oh, and remember the last time y’all came asking for help with mages?

Elves: And remember what y’all did to us after we got you out of that mess?

Templars & Mages: ….

Elves:  Fuck you.

This is a pro-elf blog








Screw all this mage/templar junk. I want to see Elf Revolution, dammit.

And, of course, ROMANCE ALL THE ELVES. (including the ones that aren’t romancable)


Not that I don’t care about the mage/templar stuff, but I am pining so hard for massive Elven Uprisings, and so sad that we probably won’t get any.

I would also like to nominate for addition to this list:

  • Lanaya
  • Velanna

This. Everything.

And Alarith because of voiceporn.

All of this. And also, Ariane.


I’m a Dalish in my heart, and as much as I care about the mages, the oppression of the elves was my first cause.

Reblogging this again, because ARIANE. <3