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In other news, I seem to be completely incapable of NOT curing the genophage.  Going into ME3 I was like…900% sure Triby wasn’t going to do it, and would have to kill wrex (which was horrible, given he is her bro to end all bros), but now she’s like “I may not trust ALL the Krogan, but I trust Wrex and I made him a promise, dammit.”

Sooo relieved.

not a damn clue what’s going to happen to the Geth, though, since Legion’s already dead.  And her Renagon ass was just using him for the machine he was, anyway. >.>


I’m also not comfortable saying that humanity is being oppressed by the Council, unless you’re also saying that the quarians, hanar, drell, elcor, and volus are also being oppressed by not having a council seat

humanity is brand fuckin’ new and is acting like they’re hot shit in a galaxy that is so much bigger than they ever, ever imagined, and they’re not doing a damn thing to try and adjust

I wouldn’t trust humans either tbh

I prolly don’t even want to know what conversation is happening,given this post, but can I just say a mighty “Hear hear!”

The way that humanity shoves it’s way into galactic affairs without so much as a “Howdy neighbor” has always read as more than a little gross to me.

I got Trilby through Horizon last night and man WHERE IS MY OPTION TO TELL KAIDAN TO FUCK OFF.  LIKE SERIOUSLY.

I understand his side of it, but I will NEVER understand why even the dialogue wheel option that says “i was dead” doesn’t actually have her say those words.  Like seriously dude, fuck you sideways, she knows you been through some shit since she passed—and so has she!  I think the memory of literally dying is maybe on-par with learning to date again, OK?  Just a bit.  < /sarcasm >


You want to know the real reason people hate the Virmire Survivors, Miranda, and Javik?



It has nothing to do with being “racist/xenophobic.” Wrex, Garrus and Tali all show signs of being prejudiced against one or more groups of people.

It has nothing to do with being “whiny,” most characters show emotional vulnerability at least at some point in their character arc. Garrus complains about C-Sec, Jack against Cerberus, etc.

It has nothing to do with being a “bitch” or an “asshole.” The krogan are one of the fandom’s favorite species and they’re nothing but assholes with the exception of Bakara. Grunt is one of the most beloved characters and he’s a borderline psychopath in ME2, not to mention has racist tendencies himself.


The reason why these characters are hated and misunderstood has nothing to do with being racist, nothing to do with being a jerk, nothing to do with being whiny.

You know what they all have in common?

They question Shepard.

Ding ding! Checkmate.

Pretty accurate to a lot of the discourse.

Though I feel the need to butt in that the reason I didn’t care for Kaidan in the first place is that he kind of came off as “dude whose sole purpose is to state the obvious as much as possible.”

But somehow getting to play the first game solved those issues.  IDEK how that functions, but it did.  Or maybe he just grew on me. 

Seriously though, when I finally got to meet Ash I was (wonderfully) surprised by how amazing she is, and indeed tat she actually isn’t “space racist” (I can’t even begin on how much I hate this term) like the majority of the fandom  keeps saying.  Fuck all y’all, Ash is top shelf.

So the Omega DLC (which I finally just played through last night with Maki) gave me a ton of Shakarian feels I wasn’t expecting in the least…

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(i guess feel free to snip my commentary if you like, but this turian right here…)

here’s the thing i love about the scars joke, and how much garrus grows between the two games when it comes to his relationship with shepard…it’s not just a simple thing to reassure himself that shepard might still care for him. i mean it IS that, and it’s superbly cute and well done on all fronts (not the least of which is Keener’s amazing delivery).

hey, there’s this guy you wanted, once upon a time in an impossible mission far far away.  do i still look like that guy to you, now that the smoke has cleared? 

like, the way it goes is that garrus doesn’t know this, this romance, this crazy love (and yes i figure he nails that part pretty quickly), is even a possibility until shepard sort of bulldozes her way into his blind spot.  and i think, even more than shepard, garrus is able to see their battlefield for what it truly is this time.  endgame. full stop.  

and he knows who he is and what he wants out of what’s sure to be the short remainder of his life.  trouble is…he’s NOT the guy standing in front of the aquarium any more. he’s just a whole damn lot MORE now. so is shepard, even in their brief time apart.  

so it’s a legitimate concern right here, in the stupid main battery with a big gun that’s maybe more metaphor than he’d like to admit…how you’re never done working on a thing you care about. when lives are at stake. when it’s yours tangled with someone else’s.

garrus isn’t sure if scars, squirmy little metaphors in their own right, are what drove them together…but he knows they’re due for more. bigger and badder.  and that’s fine. he wouldn’t be the soldier we love without that grit. it’d just be a helluva lot better with shepard to land hard against at the end of the line.

and this is him asking (a skill that’s as hard won as any, in romance or in life) as plainly as a bad turian knows how : live or die, bruised and broken, i’m all in…are you with me?

^^^ Everything that is this A++++ commentary up here.

So I’m almost done with Awakening…

(No, I still hadn’t played it, I wanted to complete my ‘canon’ game first…and then decided fuck that, i just wanna see and i’m tired of dodging spoilers. /cough/)

I have to say that, aside from a few great things (sigrun and velanna in general) I’m not terribly impressed.  The Mother is creepy as balls, but I’m only able to handle her entire existence if I force myself to Not Think About It.  Which is pretty much the only way I can handle any and all mentions of Broodmothers because a;slkdjf;aijwe;lkwasdnfsldkjfa;ldskjfsdij;fsd DO NOT WANT, but The Mother really takes the cake. 

And unless my copy is glitching the hell out, I don’t particularly appreciate the way that half the dialogue seems to be written for a human warden and only a human warden especially when it comes to dealing with the Dalish.  So far, Velanna is the only Dalish who has at all acknowledged that she’s dealing with a Dalish warden.  But even when we ran into what remained of her old clan, their entire dialogue tree treated the Warden like she’s a shem’len, short of actually calling them one. Same goes for all of Velanna’s dialogue outside of the wending woods.

Velanna, I love you darling, but you do not need to explain the way the Dalish works to someone with the most complicated, obvious vallaslin etched onto their face.  I think they know, dear. 

And being attacked for absolutely no reason by “elven warriors”? jdsadfljkdsflk what the hell, y’all? really?


and no one to discuss them with. D:

Can I just say now (before everything goes to hell) that whatever happens, OH MY GOD THIS GAME!!!!!!!! This is the ME I’ve been waiting for.  The crew actually knows each other, the relationships really feel like they’re there, the emotion is just a;sldkjfa;lsdkfj.  GOD. I DON’T WANT THIS TO END GUYS.