I’ve been wading through a lot of FO history and lore over the past few days, and there’s one idea I’ve had for a good while that I think does have some canonical base:

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So the Omega DLC (which I finally just played through last night with Maki) gave me a ton of Shakarian feels I wasn’t expecting in the least…

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I’ve never seen a shower room in a vault? 

SAME oh man so my headcanon is that those communal bathrooms you see in the residential wings have showers as well, unless you have one of the Deluxe apartments with its own kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Otherwise, communal showers.

To build on this, if I may, I also tend to headcanon that the vaults are bigger than the ingame models.  The “reality” of the vaults doesn’t seem to live up to the way they’re written, IMHO.  Like how Ms. Palmer talks about how the vault “used to be positively crowded.”  Well, OK, but there are only three apartments in the game model and I’m already having a hard time figuring out where most of these people lived, so…

I just kind of mentally write in that there are more levels and apartments in the living quarter than we see, given as they weren’t really narratively necessary to spend computing power on.

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Within Temptation
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Within Temptation - Lost (Studio Acoustic)

My hope is on fire
My dreams are for sale
I dance on a wire
I don’t want to fail her

I walk against the stream
Far from what I believe in
I run towards towards the end
Trying not to give in

She’s lost in the darkness fading away
I’m still around here screaming her name
She’s haunting my dreamworld trying to survive
My heart is frozen I’m losing my mind
Help me, I’m buried alive
Buried alive

I’m burning the bridges
And there’s no return
I’m trying to reach her
I feel that she yearns

I walk against the stream
Far from what I believe in
I run towards towards the end
Trying not to give in

She’s lost in the darkness fading away
I’m still around here screaming her name
She’s haunting my dreamworld trying to survive
My heart is frozen I’m losing my mind
Help me, I’m buried alive
Buried alive

I tried to revive what’s already drowned
They think I’m a fool who can’t realise
Hope plays a wicked game with the mind
‘Cause I thought that love would bind
I cannot revive what’s already drowned
She won’t come around

She’s lost in the darkness fading away
I’m still around here screaming her name
She’s haunting my dreamworld trying to survive
My heart is frozen I’m losing my mind
Help me, I’m buried alive
Buried alive.

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» More Mass Effect Headcanon

Maki reads all of her emails in her cabin.  Not because she cares if people read over her shoulders but because she has a habit of flipping off the screen.  Juvenile? Yes. But it makes her feel a little better when people are being unreasonably shitty.

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» Headcanon Meme - Nikaya (Wind Spirits)

You did Nefi—so, Nika :)

Prefacing this again, as my headcanon is canon in this instance, here are some random facts…  Which is hilarious as it also happens to be Five Facts Friday (I’m still doing ten):

  1. Nikaya’s name means “small wind,” or “breeze,” and is a derivative of the word “nikita,” which means “thunder storm.”  The root of both these words is “ike,” which means “wind,” “air,” and is the base name of the goddess Ike-t’lah.  Most words for items, elements, and/or concepts associated with a god or goddess in Ama are derived from the name of that god or goddess.  Another example of this is the word “Ama” itself, which has a mile-long list of meanings.

    This name stems from the plains tribes, but is common through out most northern tribes, with a predominance in Kinari, Paktet, and Makmar.

  2. When she was around six or so, Nikaya spent several months bathing herself in mud at any given opportunity, packing it into her hair and rubbing it thoroughly into her skin.  At first her father, Anzai, wrote it off as a childish peculiarity—until he found her at it one day, crying.  Her bullies had convinced her that she could make her hair and skin “normal” by doing this.  She was upset that it wasn’t working.

  3. Her hair is naturally closer to light brown or a dark blonde.  Years spent in the harsh sunlight of the plains has bleached it to it’s current shade.

  4. She wishes she’d been born a man, as she believes their role in society to be more suited to her than what is expected of her as a woman, and that her life would have been easier for it.  She doesn’t understand why some men find this offensive.

  5. Nikaya tends to take a pacifist stance, which is highly unusual among the Ama.  No one is entirely certain where this peculiarity comes from.  Because of it, she shuns weapons lessons and is considered to be among the worst warriors of the tribe.

  6. She’s broken her pacifism a few times, most often against her most vitrolic bully, Tcheyna.  Only once has Nikaya come out the victor, but every time she’s managed to bruise or bloody Tcheyna despite being inadequately matched, and is quite proud of it.

  7. A gifted storyteller, Nikaya has memorized almost as many stories of the Gods and Goddesses as a priestess might.  She is often called upon to recite tales to the children, and has been allowed to take over some minor teaching duties when the priestesses need help.

  8. Nika’s childhood nickname “Omonike” means “Wind Spirit.”  By this they are literally calling her a “ghost of the wind,” which is meant to play upon her appearance as much as her name.  She does not appreciate this.

  9. Silfur’s birth was the first Nikaya ever witnessed. 

  10. Nikaya’s favorite treat is KiQa, a drink of frothy, partially congealed cow blood which they only have at summer solstice.
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» Headcanon Meme - Hino Rei

So many to choose from! Too many. Maybe I do multiples. Rei :)

Hmmmmmmm…I have multiple headcanons for her, but lets see.

  1. One of the things I take from the anime, even though I really dislike that version of Rei as a whole, is that she has a lot of musical talent.  If she weren’t so set as being a priestess, her second goal would be to launch a music career.  I don’t think she’d want to perform, but she would love to be a song writer.  Her main instrument is the piano.

  2. Once Rei is in college she begins to devote a lot more time to the shrine, planning events and working with local groups to do cultural festivals and fair, in hopes of attracting more tourists and donations.  Eventually, her grandfather allows her to take over the books, and through some creative accounting Rei pushing things around to have the revenue to repair less sound areas of the temple.
  3. Rei’s powers as Sailor Mars eventually evolve into full elemental control.  This brings with it a draw back of being highly vulnerable to cold.  She ends up with a relatively large winter wardrobe and a penchant for layering.
  4. Once Setsuna joined the rest of the Senshi she became something of a mentor to Rei.  She helped Rei to refine her psychic abilities.  The pair meet often discuss philosophy and religion over tea.
  5. Rei is highly studied in Budo, as a part of her priestess training, and tries to live by it to the best of her ability.
  6. She took up Aikido after the events of Stars, believing that it would help her to better serve her Princess.
  7. Her relationship with her father has left her with deep-seated commitment issues which may never be fully dealt with.  Though she has tried her hardest to forgive him, she cannot help but resent that he effectively abandoned her and, to her mind, her mother.  In her teens she thought this distrust was limited to men, but as she goes on in life she realizes that it extends to all her relationships—even friendships, and her own grandfather.  She fully expects everyone in her life to abandon her, and thus can only truly depend on herself.
  8. Rei speaks English fairly well, as her school encouraged students to do so and most of their teachers were JSL, with English being their native language.  She never thought this ability would come in any use, but found that it comes in handy with English-speaking tourists.

  9. Rei is still on good terms with the headmistress of her school, and often attends functions for graduates, as well as Mass.  Though she is not Catholic, nor Christian, she appreciates the beauty and peacefulness of the cathedral.  As she gets older, the Father who preaches there begins to see her as less a child and more of a contemporary, eventually forming a friendship and deep respect for Rei as a priestess.  He is among the few persons outside the Senshi whose council she trusts.
  10. She was never quite sure what to think of the “promise” of Crystal Tokyo.  Though it seems to be a sort of utopia, she finds the idea of that ever existing to be a little too easy and convenient.  While she hopes that Usagi can pull it off, Rei spends much time waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak.
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    » Headcanon Meme - Nefertiri (Wind Spirits)

    Can I ask Nefertiri? :D

    Ooo <3 Of course, in this case since my headcanon is canon, here are some random facts:

    1. Nefertiri’s name, like most Ama names, is a composite of two words: “nefer” meaning “head/skull”—but, more importantly, what the Ama believes houses the soul/emotions (English equivalent is the “heart”)—and “tiri,” a word for metaphorical or non-physical strength, such as bravery.   Roughly translated, it could be thought to mean “head strong,” but the actual meaning is closer to “Strong soul.” 

      This name originated in the river tribe, Iluo, and was given to by her grandmother, Kahi.

    2.  Her nickname, “Nefi,” also happens to be a slang shortening of the word “nefitimo,” which means “romantic (non-sexual) love.”  The slang term “nefi” is used in the same sense as “lover,” and is most common in southwestern tribes as it originated in Kotin.  As the term has not made its way north, Nefi has yet to run into it.
    3. Nefi is not particularly violent nor bloody minded, but she is quite competitive.  She prides herself on being deigned the best warrior of her generation within Kinari, and spends much time training to be certain that the title remains hers.  Her goal is to one day be a Princess of her own clan within Kinari, but not before she gets to travel a little. 

      (The nomadic Kinari tribe splits itself into several “clans” much of the year, as the main bulk of the tribe is too numerous to support itself if it stays together.  Each clan is lead by a Princess, second only to Kinari’s Queen.)

    4. Though the Ama marry young, usually around thirteen or fourteen, Nefi chose to remain single so that she could more easily travel once she reached of age to legally leave her tribe (16).
    5. Nefertiri was the last person in their family to fully accept Nikaya as a member, and still feels somewhat guilty over it.  She was also the most affected member, due to Ama culture detonating the pair as “omtane.” 

      Omtane are children raised in the same household who are A) of the same sex and B) of a very close age (between same day, to a year), regardless of parentage.  It is Ama custom to raise such pairs (or groups, as the case may be) as though they are a single unit, rather than two separate persons.  For example, both children share praise and punishment for one another’s triumphs or wrong doings, and share all possessions.  This treatment lasts at least until their adulthood (puberty),  sometimes continuing into adulthood if they both remain in the same tribe, and in the same occupation.

      The Ama do this because believe that Omtane are special, destined to be more closely bonded than siblings of different sex or age.  It’s something of a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The closest equivalent English term is “twin.”
    6. She doesn’t like bullies, and often stood up for Nikaya against the other children, even when she didn’t particularly like Nikaya herself.
    7. Nefertiri’s first crush was a girl from Ashin called Quea, but she was too shy to introduce herself.  Quea didn’t know Nefi was alive until several years later, when Nefertiri won an archery contest at solstice.  They formed a fast friendship, and tend to spend solstice celebrations together.
    8. Kinari’s Queen, Ruouri, is Nefertiri’s aunt, and greatest hero.  They share a strong bond, and Ruouri has often taken Nefertiri under her wing to train.   Despite this, or because of it, Nefertiri can be a little insecure when it comes to Ruouri’s perception of her.
    9. Nefertiri is often a little too serious for her own good, especially when it comes to herself, though she is able to play and tease with certain persons.  Rule of thumb is that if you haven’t known her for years, you’re better off shying away from any digging, personal remarks, or sarcasm.  She doesn’t appreciate it.
    10. In Modern!AU I ship Nefertiri/Nikaya.  Hard.  Not sure what it say that I have alternate ships for my own characters, but eh, I can do what I want.  XD

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    » Headcanon Meme - Aveline Vallen

    1. Aveline thought her namesake, Ser Aveline, a great heroine and worshiped her when she was young.  This began to falter when she learned that half the stories her father told of Ser Aveline, though found in plenty of books, were false.  The truth was much more tragic, and Aveline privately wondered what it said that she’d been named after a martyr.  When her father sold everything he had to send her into the army, whether or not she wanted to go, Aveline’s worship of Ser Aveline ended entirely.  There were just too many parallels. 

    2. For similar reasons, the stories that Varric tells about Hawke and her companions bother Aveline a great deal.  She doesn’t mind true stories—so long as they’re not too personal—but the wilder the tales become, the more strongly she objects.

    3. Hawke’s Deep Roads expedition gave Aveline nightmares.  From the moment Hawke first mentioned it, she thought the plan was entirely insane no matter how many good reasons the adventurer came up with.  Aveline was absolutely certain that what happened to Wesley would happen to Hawke—and a part of her, that she’ll never admit to, thought it would only be fair (assuming Hawke was the one to kill Wesley, as she did in my canon.)

    4. Aveline does question laws and religious doctrine—but she keeps her own council about it, and does not believe that this should be public knowledge.  So far as she is concerned, the law is the law, even when it’s questionable.  She is privately grateful for Hawke being there to force her hand against some of the most questionable ones, because she knows she wouldn’t do it on her own.

    5. A part of Aveline’s issues when it comes to Donnic stem from experiences in Cailan’s army with officers only too happy to abuse their position.  She swore to herself that she would never be such a person.

    6. Though she railed against her father’s plans for her life when she was a teen, Aveline was eventually came to accept that she was not only happy in her profession, but that it truly was the best place for her.  She can’t imagine a life without the smell of leather oil, sweat-soaked armor, and sword-calloused hands.

    7. Wesley’s being a templar scared Aveline, though she understood his devotion to it.  It wasn’t the control of the Chantry that got to her, or the dogma, but rather his dependence on lyrium.  He was already well addicted when they married.

    8. In keeping with #7, Aveline was reduced to stealing a few lyrium potions during their escape from Ostagar, when Wesley was going through heavy withdraw.  She was not pleased about this, and Wesley tried to ration them out to last until they got to a functioning Chantry.  Aveline privately wonders if this is what caused him to slip in that final battle.

    9. Aveline always had difficulty with Bethany/Hawke being a mage.  She owed their family her life, and loyalty, but equally felt that she owed feilty to Wesley’s memory.  Torn between the two, and her own belief in the Circle’s ways, Aveline drafted several anonymous letters exposing the Hawke mage to the Circle.  She burned every one.
    10. Despite their functioning on opposite sides of everything, Aveline came to love Isabela almost despite herself.  She thinks of the pirate as the annoying kid sister she never had, and has found herself turning a blind eye to Isabela’s activities more often than she even does Hawke’s.
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