Soooo…my car won’t start.  I need to wait for to roomie to get home before I can even attempt getting the battery out (and then taking it somewhere).

But I got a Flight Rising account so yay me?

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» When you genuinely can’t remember if something is fanon or canon.



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Marinara is so good.

Tomato are so bad (for me).

Life, why do you insist on giving me allergies to things I love?

Now my lips feel weird.

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We’ve had like one damn day of reasonably cool weather and my skin decides it’s going to start the whole cracking and bleeding shit.  wunderbar.

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I really hate days where I can’t seem to get out of my own head for five minutes.

Fuck, I need a vacation from me.

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» The amount of people I’m waiting for email replies from is just stupid.

I really, really wish I could get this job done without them. But nope.

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» when you’re having a terrible goddamn week and then FINALLY do something right

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» What these past two days have taught me:
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» That awkward moment…

when a straight woman uses the term “girlfriend” to describe her platonic friend, rendering you momentarily surprised and delighted, then bummed when you realize that, yes, you are still alone in a crowd of straight people. 

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Today I managed to get lost on my way to my Job #2.  I’ve been living in this city for…shit, seven years.  Seven freaking years. 

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