Apparently did this ink sketch of lin a while back. The things you find looking through a rarely used sketch book. Don’t have a scanner anymore so have a phone pic.

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Official notice I’ve lost all control of my life.

The excuse version is “eliza wants to know wtf Wernher is doing cleaning guns at that hour, instead of warming the damn bed.”  But we all know I really wanted to draw those abs. And boxers.  Cuz.  Boxers.

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I kicked off an unintentional october zombie-fest reading spree by re-reading (well, re-listening) to the Newsflesh Trilogy by Mira Grant (Seanan McGuire).  I’ve wanted to do fanart of the series before but never got around to it…until now.  This is probably one of my favorite zombie stories of all time, of any media, and maybe I’ll do a bit more fanart of it before long.  I managed to time this well at least.  As I write this, I’m listening to the epilogue of the third book, Blackout.  I’ll miss these characters.

Clockwise from top left:  Shaun Mason, Mahir Gowda, Rebecca Atherton, Magdalene Grace Garcia, Georgia Mason, and Buffy Meissonier.  Sadly, I didn’t have the space to work in Aleric, but maybe next time. 

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I never did finish posting that meme of expressions for Set…and have a weird face Marka for funsies,

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today on stupid face hour

i saw something on senshistock and had to do it

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Now that Spindles has officially been released, I can show off the painting I did for it.  The theme of this anthology was Fairy Tales, for which I did my own take on Snow White and Rose Red. 

Spellbound & Spindles is a pair of anthologies of fairy tales retold to be more inclusive and diverse.  Featuring PoC, disabled and queer characters, as well as non-western European settings and fairy tales not found in the Grimm’s collection, the books show how resilient and universal “One Upon a Time…” is.

You can get a copy of the e-zines here.

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It’s been a long, long time since my death dragon shipper reared its head, but then I started listening to Take me To Church (Hozier) on repeat and this happened.

referenced some felixdeon stock on this one.  Warning, the link contains nudity

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I needed some warm ups and decided to take on that 100 pallet self-meme thing I rebolgged not too long ago.  I also put the SaTH characters with finalized designs on a randomizer which lead to some…interesting choices.  Clockwise, these are Aren, Baht, and Set.  After taking a ridiculously long time on Aren’s (in no small part due to my monitor pen breaking and having to dig out, set up, and trouble shoot my backup wacom) I decided sketchy was the better part of valor.  Even though Aren’s parrot-themed cocktail dress…by Tzelzian stards anyway…is probably my favorite thing I’ve done in a long while. 

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I really wanted to do a version of the classic New Vegas promo poster with my courier, Haiwee—with some armor differences to make it more her own.  And then the background colours got changed and I took out the flag etc. etc.  It just doesn’t feel right to pose her against the NCR’s flag given that while she’s on friendly-ish terms with them, Haiwee is a tribal at heart and doesn’t appreciate the NCR’s colonialistic ways.

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So in my verse at least, Tamlen is Ashalle’s son by birth and Gin’s adopted brother.  Tamlen is only three years Gin’s elder, though there’s a time, when Gin’s about eight or so, that they look a good deal further apart.  They were best friends and nigh inseparable, though they still fought considerably from time to time.  Especially given Gin’s eternal obsession with weapons she wasn’t ready to handle yet, and Tamlen’s slight jealousy that she was often faster at picking up techniques than he was.  She’d later tease him that if it wasn’t for her brattiness he’d never have learned to balance so well—but seriously, if he didn’t hold her off she’d climb him like a tree to get what she wanted.

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