It’s been a long, long time since my death dragon shipper reared its head, but then I started listening to Take me To Church (Hozier) on repeat and this happened.

referenced some felixdeon stock on this one.  Warning, the link contains nudity

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I needed some warm ups and decided to take on that 100 pallet self-meme thing I rebolgged not too long ago.  I also put the SaTH characters with finalized designs on a randomizer which lead to some…interesting choices.  Clockwise, these are Aren, Baht, and Set.  After taking a ridiculously long time on Aren’s (in no small part due to my monitor pen breaking and having to dig out, set up, and trouble shoot my backup wacom) I decided sketchy was the better part of valor.  Even though Aren’s parrot-themed cocktail dress…by Tzelzian stards anyway…is probably my favorite thing I’ve done in a long while. 

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I really wanted to do a version of the classic New Vegas promo poster with my courier, Haiwee—with some armor differences to make it more her own.  And then the background colours got changed and I took out the flag etc. etc.  It just doesn’t feel right to pose her against the NCR’s flag given that while she’s on friendly-ish terms with them, Haiwee is a tribal at heart and doesn’t appreciate the NCR’s colonialistic ways.

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So in my verse at least, Tamlen is Ashalle’s son by birth and Gin’s adopted brother.  Tamlen is only three years Gin’s elder, though there’s a time, when Gin’s about eight or so, that they look a good deal further apart.  They were best friends and nigh inseparable, though they still fought considerably from time to time.  Especially given Gin’s eternal obsession with weapons she wasn’t ready to handle yet, and Tamlen’s slight jealousy that she was often faster at picking up techniques than he was.  She’d later tease him that if it wasn’t for her brattiness he’d never have learned to balance so well—but seriously, if he didn’t hold her off she’d climb him like a tree to get what she wanted.

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I spent way too much time on this but at the same time ;alsdkjfs I’m so happy to get these two out of my head and on a page.   And hooo boy here we go.

These are Ruxandra Mahariel and Nero Saedren, the (birth) parents of my primary warden Gindryll. After a long, long internal debate about whether or not I was “allowed” to do this I have decided fuck canon, I do what i damn well please.  So they aren’t dead, and what happened to them is slightly different than as heard in canon (Though not much because having Gin raised by her birth parents would make her into an entirely different person, pretty much, and I would rather not.  I love my baby as she is.).

Ruxandra was raised in Sabrae clan, the daughter of two city-born adoptees from Starkhaven.  She was a kind, gentle woman with a nonetheless sharp wit and tongue, so long as it’s all in good fun.  Though she hunted, her true place was with the halla herd and she hoped to become a full time caretaker one day. 

Nero was actually brought in as a “second” to the then Keeper of Sabrae.  Marethari was the First at the time, but because (in my canon) Firsts are not allowed to have a family or be married until they’ve become full fledged Keepers—so that they can focus on their studies—and Marethari was fully trained at the time, there was talk about shifting her over to another clan with an ailing Keeper and allowing Sabrae’s leader to train a new First.  Nero himself actually came from a clan up near Rivain.  He was a puckish sort, quick to joke and a little careless with his cutting remarks sometimes but always sorry to have truly hurt anyone.   The two fell in love almost instantly.

But that was the problem, really.  Young as they were, and Nero no where near the end of his studies, they weren’t really supposed to be seeing one another at all.  The pair would often sneak off together, and their elders’ attempting to prevent it only strengthened their resolve. 

Despite the precautions they’d taken against it, Rux ended up pregnant and the pair agreed they wanted to keep the baby, no matter what everyone else said.  Unfortunately, the day they were out of camp discussing this was the day they were happened upon by what they thought were a group of bandits.  In the interest of protecting their child, Nero made Rux promise to run for help while he held their attackers off—worried, also, that if they both fled the bandits might follow them back to the main camp.

Nero could have dealt with the bandits on his own—nearly did—but his use of magic had attracted a passing group of templars from a nearby road.  Exhausted, and seemingly without backup, Nero was apprehended and drug off to the nearby chantry.  From there he was rushed to the Circle tower, forced through his harrowing, and dumped into solitary for several years until the Templars felt they could trust a Dalish apostate in the main population.

Thanks to a few of the bandits following her, despite Nero’s efforts, it took Rux longer than anticipated to rally help from the clan.  When they arrived back on the scene, it was to find crows already ravaging the remains of the bandits and not a soul otherwise to be seen.  Trackers were sent, who confirmed that someone had been taken to the human settlement.  Several attempts were made to locate Nero within the village, but threats from the guard and no sign of any elven presence eventually saw the clan giving up—no matter how Rux pleaded. 

Over the months that followed, Rux became as convinced of his death as everyone else.  There was no other fate she knew of for any Dalish taken by human soldiers, and the idea of it began to wear on her spirit.  The pregnancy she’d so looked forward to was now the thing that had kept her from helping Nero when he needed her. 

After the birth, Rux’s depression only grew worse.  For four years she suffered through being Gin’s mother, confused and angry with herself for her conflicted feelings toward the child.  Much as she wanted—and did—love gin, she hated her in equal parts.  This lead her in turn to hating herself, for not being able to be the mother she knew Gin deserved, and which she desperately wanted to be.

But Rux’s best friend, Ashalle, had seen the issue when it began and sensed it growing, though Rux said nothing of it to anyone.  Gradually, Ashalle began to take over Gin’s care until one morning Rux went out to hunt and never returned.  When a search party turned up no trace it was assumed Rux left of her own choice, and though they hoped she might one day return the clan agreed it was best not to speak of it to Gindryll until she was ready for such a tale.  Ashalle adopted the girl officially, and that was that.


There’s actually a hell of a lot more to this, including how the pair eventually return to Gin’s life in the years following Awakening, and of course reunite with each other. 

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At one point…a rather shameful while ago shutterbones and i were intending to do an art trade.  I think both of us got busy right after agreeing to it, annnnd I just realized this has been sitting at 99% completion on my HD so I figured it was time to finish it.  Whether or not it’s still a trade doesn’t matter, b/c Isthalla Surana is a goddess.  I’ve never actually played a blood mage, despite my stanning on the subject, and reading about Isthalla’s adventures in Thedas is always a joy.  Shutterbones’s art is also freaking fantastic; everyone should check her out.

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I don’t talk about Haiwee, my Courier, enough so I finally go around to doing her headshots.  She’s pretty difficult for me; I don’t draw nearly enough characters with longer, thinner features such as she has.  It’s actually really nice to do something different. 

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full disclosure, I snagged the pose from a picture that’s…of some one direction dude or something? i’ve tried tracing the source and it all just goes to a celeb-pic tumblr. 

Anyway, i had to doodle them for reasons. Happy Rae-is-drawing-R/J-again-day-that-ends-in-Y

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Kateling showed me this picture and I couldn’t help myself. It’s just so R/J I can’t stand it.

imma bring this back for reasons

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I slapped some colour on that sketch of gin I did the other day. 

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