» This is what I’d like to see in Dragon Age 3


Templars: We have to crush this mage rebellion to keep them from killing everybody, help us out?
Elves: Yo, we are busy trying to survive when EVERYONE’S trying to wipe us out, no thanks.
Elves: And if you’re supposed to protect us then how come you never show up when humans come in to rape and rob and slaughter us?
Templars: Um OH LOOK AN ABOMINATION catch you later
Mages: The Circles are unfair, they want to lock us all up like criminals - help us overthrow the Templars?
Elves: Yeah we’ve been genocided almost out of existence and we’re still being enslaved and murdered right and left, how bout you help US out?
Mages: Sorry Mage’s Rights first, we’ll hit you later.
Elves: Screw all you guys REVOLUTION TIME
Chantry: well, shit.
Thedas: *explodes into chaos*
Flemeth: *cackles mysteriously*

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…DA wasn’t High-fantasy?  What, then, do you call a mideval-esque setting with magic and dragons, placed in a fantastical world?

I have no idea if this is what OP meant, but I’ve seen DA referred to as low fantasy, because of its gray morality rather than clear black and white, right and wrong.

See, I’ve never heard of distinguishing “High” and “Low” fantasy on grounds of morality.  On Parallels to to Earth, yes, but it’s always based on setting.  Then again, it could just be one of those “matters of opinion” things.  I tried running a quick google search on it and I came up with several definitions different enough to make it confusing. 

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