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Wait what?

A comment that Rick’s actor made on TTD after the show, about how the throat-ripping was the part he thought was “going way too far” in the script. 

/rubs forehead/  Guys…You think the biting of a man’s juggular is “Too far”…but the part where they’re raping a young boy is just…par for the course?

So…bets on Carol and Tyreese saving all their asses come season 5.

…either he is the worst sniper ever, or he’s herding them.

RIGHT? Goddamn, it is the go-to “these people (this person) is bad” thing for writers and I’m fucking sick of it.

Like we didn’t know they were bad b/c they killed some dude the first second they showed on screen or something.  We have to jump all the way to rape threats against women and young boys.  Makes for some fucking sense there.

y’know, i write cannibals for fun and I still think these writers need some fucking therapy. You shouldn’t be able to think this shit up ok.

and this is why you should have shot those fuckers when you found them in the house, Rick.

So, possibly against my better judgement, I went to see Divergent after all.  In the end I found it…

Well I’m not sure how I found it.  Cut for spoilers, both book and movie.

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  covenmouse said:
OK maybe it's the fact that I'm dealing with some emotional shit IRL, but I think I'm either misreading this or just in a state of shock about it: they put a rape scene in the Divergent movie?


yes. [spoilers under the cut]

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OK NO.  no no no no no NO.  I’m going to cut for book spoilers but no

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