I think I actually kind of hate Allison at this point and I’m sad there’s such a lack of female characters so far

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Seriously these kids made a choice of thier own free will and that makes Derek a bad guy but Scott marching in and trying to force everyone to play by his rules makes him the hero?

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Oh so we’re gonna do that thing where the hero is a pretentious ass who thinks he knows better than everyone else and the narration paints him as correct. Ok then

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I don’t understand. If the hunters leaders are women only then why is the grandfather so important, why did Mr hunter outrank his sister, and why can the grandfather declare war. I mean u knew something was up with her mom but the mom is almost never included in any important scene so..?

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Actually I think I’m getting a little tired of every single interaction hinging on miscommunication

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Seriously, it's not a song.
Iron Bull & Sera Banter
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From the new video

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No seriously I KNOW that voice. HAS ANYBODY GUESSED AT THIS YET?

I’m almost certain it’s someone who did a voice on an older cartoon, and i’m half convinced it IS Keith David

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what will you fight for first? [ x ]

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Hook:  Perhaps I could talk to the boy.

Emma:  About what?  Leather oil and eyeliner?

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