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This little beauty?

Well, I got a great deal of a half flat of strawberries at the Farmer’s Market for $6 and decided that this would provide me with the right sized strawberries to attempt this.


Remember where your ice trays are at.

Some additional tips:

1. Look for the smaller strawberries to put into the compartments.  Make sure they can be put in without being too snug. It’s better that the entire strawberry in encapsulated by chocolate.

2. Do not use the extra big ice trays.  The one I have has 14 little compartments.  If you can find smaller ones, do so.  Which leads to…

3. Have enough of the type of chocolate you want to use on hand to melt.  I thought I had enough, but as I started pouring the chocolate into the tray, it became obvious that I was going to run out.

4. Once I got all the strawberries in, I started melting the second batch of chocolate… but all I had left was mint chocolate.  Dark chocolate, strawberries and mint chocolate turned out to be a yummy combo.  But still.

5.  It’s better to make sure the chocolate completely fills the tray and is level.  Why?

6.  Once frozen, you can give the tray just the slightest twist and the entire thing pops out like a MASSIVE chocolate bar.  I kept it in the freezer for about 3 hours.

And what did I get from this little experiment?

Seriously, find the smaller ice trays. 

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