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#the shot #her eyes #her hair #the slow motion #was so so flawless but so so heartbreaking #we know now that amon IS entering his endgame #he asked her for the avatar when he told korra he was saving her for last #he’s rendered the entire metalbending police force entirely useless #he’s dismantled the council #and lin knows she’s failed but she tried her best #she managed to save a family of six that represent the entirety of an endangered culture #even if she loses her bending she knows now that they won’t lose theirs #she tried #she tried so hard #she was defiant until the end and she still lost it #she still lost… and any other time i imagine her mother would have screamed at her for falling like that #but not this time #this is something neither of them can do anything about anymore #and lin without her bending… without her police force… two things that tie her back to her deceased mother… #they’re both gone and it’s an inconceivable notion but it’s reality #you can just see the disbelief on her face #i salute you lin #bender or nonbender #you’re a hero to me

i hate all of you

YOU PUT MY FUCKING LIFE SONG IN THERE. THAT SONG HAS ALWAYS BEEN ON MY IPOD EVERY TIME I’VE BEEN THROUGH SOMETHING. I JUST LISTENED TO IT. THIS SONG. JUST THIS. nobody has any idea how hurt I feel after all this with Lin. I know everybody was attached to her but it was different with me. It’s so hard to explain but I just feel so hurt and this song helps me all the time. /done ranting/